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Best Cakes For Your Most Special Day

Best Cakes For Your Most Special Day

By In Cake Recipes

One of the challenges a baker has is the delivery of the cakes. Although most cakes can be placed inside a box, sydney wedding cakes are a different story. Some of them are multi-tiered that it is just impossible for it to deliver easily. It is important that you find a way on how to deliver your cake properly so that the time you spent decorating it wouldn’t be wasted. Here are a few tips that you can do to deliver your cakes properly.

Extra Charge For Delivery

It is really stressful to get a huge cake delivered so why not ask your clients to just pick it up. If they insist on you delivering it then you could ask for a delivery fee because it also takes money to deliver a cake. You can’t commute to where it has to be delivered and you will end up using a private vehicle to deliver it. Remember that this cost time and money on your part.

A Properly Supported Cake

When creating cakes of multiple tiers, it is important that you stack them up properly and make sure you have enough dowels to support your cake. The cake is soft and not as tough as your other bread so make sure that it can hold even if you go and travel with it. There are cakes that are of weird shapes and most of the time, these are the ones that are more difficult to structure. Make sure you plan ahead about the structure of your cake so that you won’t break your promise to your client because it is difficult to make in that shape.

Research And Plan Your Route

It would be better for you to take a look at their location and find it before the day of the delivery so that you don’t get lost in the way. You have to know what roads are open and make sure that you won’t be stuck in traffic. You also have to make sure that the road you are planning to take is passable and there are not a lot of potholes in it to prevent damaging your cake.

Early Delivery

Nobody wants to postpone the wedding just because the cake isn’t there yet. This just adds more pressure and stress to the couple. It would be better for you to deliver the cake early because there could be things that go wrong along the way. There might be unexpected traffic and you might have to take another route because your planned one is not passable. When you decide to deliver early, you lessen the risk of delivering late. In the end, your clients will be happy and grateful that you took the initiative to deliver the cake at an earlier time. These simple ways will help make sure that you deliver the cake on time and in perfect condition. This helps you to have more satisfied customers and the more satisfied customers you have, the better your cake business will be.

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