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Gin Fizz Long Drink

Gin Fizz Long Drink

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Gin Fizz-Long Drink 14,2%

Gin Fizz Long Drink was invented by American Henry Ramos, who was making only Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail,
which he adds eggyolk and shake in a cocktail shaker for a 5 minutes. Henry Ramos had a whole team of young bartenders, who was making only Ramos Gin Fizz Long Drink.
In a shaker filled with ice on half, pour the sugar syrup, lemon juice and gin.
Wrap the shaker in the towel to reduce ice melting.
Mix at least one minute.
Then  filter into “highball” glass with ice.
Then add soda water.
Decorate with a slice of lemon and cherry.
Your Gin Fizz Long Drink is ready!                   


If into Gin Fizz Long Drink add egg white, you’ll get-Silver Fizz.
Egg yolk – Golden Fizz.
Whole egg – Royale Fizz.
A dash of green Creme de menthe – Green Fizz.
Sparkling wine instead of carbonated water – Diamond Fizz.


To prepare Gin Fizz Long Drink use:

Gin – 30 ml

Lemon juice – 20 ml

Soda water – 40 ml

Sugar syrup – 10 ml

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