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Launching A Cookbook? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Successful!

Launching a cookbook

Launching A Cookbook? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Successful!

By In Random Recipe Ideas

 If you are a food fanatic and recipes and food stuff are not only your interest, but passion too, and cooking seems almost therapeutic to you, then you are on the right page! Launching a cookbook to share your personal recipes with the world can be a matter of pride and personal satisfaction (not to mention the name and fame). And with time, it can bring you more glory and success too!

There goes a lot of effort and planning in publishing a great recipe book. Just plain recipes, even if they are exceptional, couldn’t strive to make a book complete and compatible to become accepted in the market. Any publication needs a lot of structural and organisational work to make the content appealing. Lots of other essential steps and procedures are required for a book, especially a cookbook, so that it can make its way into people’s kitchen. 

Mandatory inclusions for a best seler cook book! 

If you want your recipes to be loved and tried by hardcore foodies around the globe, try to blend it with these awesome and easy tips. This would get your book the fame it deserves, and you the success you desire:

  • A great cover — We all know that a book is known by its cover! You can’t attract your readers if you don’t have a captivating book cover. Also, the book cover should be a compressed picture story of all that’s inside the book. Always make sure your book cover looks appealing and impressive. Choose the most attractive image from your gallery (better from your own personal collection) and keep it as your book’s outer cover. Don’t make it look too dull or too bright. A perfect colour contrasted cover can look impressive and attract viewers better.
  • A catchy title— Again, the title says it all about your book. Your readers should know what they are going to get to read in a book just by looking at the title. And as it’s a recipe book, don’t just name it as a recipe book or a collection of recipes. Make sure you are picking up from the variety of adjectives describing scrumptious food and select the one which can tempt your readers to try the same. Accordingly, add it with a nice phrase (that would mean it’s a cookbook) for example, “delectable food bible”, “ravishing ready to eat recipes”, etc. Also, don’t forget to add a short and catchy caption along with it that describes the book a little more.
  • Captivating images — Photos speak their own story! You couldn’t eat something that doesn’t look enticing. A great presentation always leads to more attraction towards the dish. It’s therefore essential to prove your recipes to be delicious by adding some impressive pictures of the same. Why would your readers go through all the pain of preparing the dish if they aren’t convinced enough that the dish would come out good? And this can be proved only by a great photo alongside the write-up. To click these great pictures, you should connect with an excellent photographer who is an expert in food photography like Dean Mitchell Photography, who makes sure that your carefully styled food is captured beautifully through the right angles of the camera lenses. This results in perfect and enticing photos of the food, and hence some astounding addition to your cookbooks.
  •  Short and crisp writings — Nobody likes to read encyclopaedias of recipes in a cookbook. Nowadays, we are all in a hurry, and hence even our recipes are short and sweet. The easier and shorter the recipes are, the more it will attract your readers. Even if some of your recipes are lengthy, try putting them in short bullet points that are easy to grasp. Make sure that you are cutting out the fluff and editing properly to make it a smart interesting read. This is going to get you readers attracted like a magnet.
  •  Follow the same pattern and layout throughout— It’s really essential to keep a constant pattern of images, their sizes, the recipe writing style, the procedure etc. all through the book. This wouldn’t confuse your readers. This leads to a lot of recommendations from the readers to their acquaintances and ensures a great love from readers and fame too.

These are the basic mandatory features you need for an iconic cookbook. You can add in more touches to it like getting it printed in easy to read fonts, making an ebook copy of the same, having it edited and proofread multiple times. In short, the more efforts that go in a book, the more higher success ladder it climbs! 

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