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Paella with seafood

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To prepare paella, seafood need to defrost and drained.
Pour boiling water over the saffron and leave for 15-20 minutes.
Fry the seafood for 2-3 minutes on pan with preheated oil.
Take out seafood and  leave aside.
In the same pan fry chopped onions, over medium heat.
Put rice and mix with onion.
Stir fry a couple of minutes.
Then pour in the rice boiling water so that it covered the rice on a finger and water with saffron.
Reduce heat to medium and add salt.
Total cooking time is about 20 minutes.
Do not mix rice after adding water.
Add the tomato puree or chopped tomato, peeled skin and seeds.
After 10 minutes, put in a pan peas and diced peppers
When the water is absorbed and rice is ready, place seafood on top and garnish with lemon slices.
A bit of liquid should remain.
Leave aside for 10 minutes, befor serve.
Before serving leave aside for a couple of minutes.
Paella with seafood serve hot.


To prepare Paella with seafood use:
green bell pepper - 0.5 Item
green peas - 100 g
lemon - 0.25 Item
olive oil - 40 ml
onion - 1 Item
rice - 300 g
saffron - 3 g
salt - 4 g
tomato puree - 200 g
green bell pepper
green peas
olive oil
seafood select (200-250g)
tomato puree

Prepare Paella with seafood

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Paella with seafood
Paella with seafood
Paella with seafood
Paella with seafood
Paella with seafood
Paella with seafood
Paella with seafood

Comments Paella with seafood

#1: 04.03.2011
I ate Paella with seafood in canary islands. It's was amazing. But use fresh seafoods.
#2: 04.03.2011
Paella should made from fresh seafood and in open fire. Anyway this variation cool too.
#3: Can I use frozen peas for paella meal, 04.03.2011
Can I use frozen peas for paella meal
#4: Alex, 04.03.2011
If you use frozen seafood - coock with frozen peas. If coock paella with fresh seafood use fresh peas.
#5: Lyn, 27.06.2012
I'm with you. Lots of people say risttoo is too time consuming or ruins easily. Maybe I'm not so fussy but I find it versatile and forgiving; not to mention filling and frequently economical! It's just like soup you can use whatever is in the fridge and it works. Yours looks delicious.

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