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Singapore Sling Long Drink

Singapore Sling Long Drink

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Singapore Sling Long Drink invented in the early XX century by Ngang Buun Tong, chief bartender in the famous hotel in Singapore “Raffelz.” They drank at that time this cocktail like hot and cold. Singapore Sling Long Drink has become popular in the world after its extensive showing in American movies.


In a shaker filled with ice on half, pour lemon juice, Cherry Brandy and Gin,then mix. Filter in a tumbler with ice. Add soda water and decorate with lemon slice and cherry. Your Singapore Sling Long Drink is ready!


To prepare Singapore Sling Long Drink use:

Gin – 30 ml
Lemon juice – 20 ml
Liqueur Cherry Brandy – 10 ml
Soda water – 40 ml

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