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Six Must-try Cocktails That Will Totally Blow You Mind


Six Must-try Cocktails That Will Totally Blow You Mind

By In Cocktail Ideas

Cocktails can be associated with the aesthetic and mood of celebration. A well-blended drink, be it a classic or a fancy one or even a simple cocktail, can put you in a good mood almost immediately. If you are hosting a fun get-together or just having a lonely Saturday night watching Netflix, cocktails will light up any occasion without a doubt. We have listed some of the cocktails you must try if you haven’t already.


If you are a vodka person, then this cocktail is just for you. This tangy mixture of Vodka along with lemon juice, cranberry juice and a hint of triple sec, is totally irresistible. The tart taste adds to the best attributes of this drink. The best way to make a Cosmopolitan is to use Cointreau along with any smooth vodka. Always choose a cranberry juice that is more tangy than sweet while making this cocktail. Make sure that it is of good quality to ensure the taste.


No one on this planet can resist a beautiful tropical drink like this one on a summer evening. Pina Colada is very popular, and it is known to be a very distinctive drink. The consistency of this drink is quite thicker and smoothie-like, which is not very common among cocktails. It consists of coconut milk, pineapple juice and a splash of white rum, mixed to perfection. 


If you are more inclined towards sweet drinks, then Mai Tai is your cocktail. This drink is inspired by the Polynesian culture and has a very fruity essence to it. It is sweeter than most cocktails out there.  The colour of the Mai Tai is very vibrant and beautiful. It is made by blending lemon juice, white or dark rum and orgeat syrup. Sometimes a bit of orange juice or orange curacao is also added. 


People who prefer simple tastes will love Apple Martini. This drink is also called Appletini and is a spin-off of classic martini cocktail. The base alcohol used in this drink is Vodka, while some people even use gin. The other ingredient used is green apple schnapps which give sweetness. If you prefer a tangier version of this cocktail, you can also add a dash of lime juice. If you do not like having cocktails with a harsh alcoholic hint, Appletini will quickly become your go-to cocktail.


This one again is a simple yet classy concoction of beautiful flavours. The base alcohol used is classic Bourbon. Mint Julep is more like a fresh cocktail than a sweet one. It consists of leaves of crushed mint along with sparkling water and powdered sugar. Even though this cocktail is extremely simple to make, it is still considered as one of the most refined drinks out there. You can find this drink is almost every bar around the world. Even the mobile cocktail bar hire in London will serve this drink.


Margharita is one of the ultimate cocktails since forever. This one is again very simple to make but has a very distinctive taste and flavour. It is a blend of tequila as base alcohol along with a dash of triple sec, lemon juice and a little bit of salt. Margaritas are usually served as ice blends in glasses lined with sea salt. There are different variations of this drink available these days. For instance, people who don’t like the intense tang of this drink go for fruity versions. Different variants with strawberry, peach, orange and other fruit juices are also available.

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