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Tomato Sauce With Basil And Oregano

Tomato Sauce With Basil And Oregano

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Prepared sauce can store in a tightly sealed glass jar into the fridge.
For tomato sauce with basil and oregano require tomato puree.
Either take the ready puree, or prepare it yourself.
This will require about 600 grams of tomatoes, which need to peel and turn into a puree with the blender.
To take out seeds, wipe the resulting puree through a sieve.
Put tomato puree into the saucepan.
Cook over medium heat.
Stirring from time to time.
Add olive oil, salt and sugar.(You can change amount of sugar, dependent of acid)
Average cooking time – about 20 minutes.
Approximately 5 minutes before end of cooking add chopped garlic and dried herbs.
Sauce should slightly thicken,  during the cooking.
Sauce must be cool to use for pizza or pasta.


To prepare Tomato sauce with basil and oregano use:

cloves of garlic – 2 Item
dry basil – 3 g
olive oil – 30 ml
oregano – 3 g
sea salt – 2 g
sugar – 10 g
tomato puree – 500 g

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