NYC’s First Sober Dive bar is a Great Time

As it did for many others, the pandemic caused a change in my drinking habits. I began to gravitate towards non-alcoholic aperitifs. This allowed me to enjoy a few fancy drinks after work without any headaches. It’s easy to reduce alcohol consumption thanks to the growing number of non-alcoholic spirits. My fridge is full of Ghia and Kin Euphorics. I also have a few cans of sodas. Few bars offer non-alcoholic options for those who wish to have a drink in a public place.

Hekate is New York City’s first sober dive bar. The bar has all the characteristics of a great dive, including tattooed patrons and eclectic vintage accents. However, the menu is entirely non-alcoholic. All cocktails (which include classics such as pina Coladas or jalapeno marks) are made with non-alcoholic spirits, sodas, and aperitifs. You can also find coffee, “witchy teas,” and a good selection of NA beers.

Abby Ehmann, founder/owner of the bar, stated that she was inspired to open a sober-themed bar after owning one. Ehmann, who worked for over 30 years in bars, wanted to create a welcoming, social space for those looking for an alternative to bars.

On Thursday, the grand opening was held. The place was decorated with balloons and skull art for Halloween. The Amalfi Spritz was a bubbly, bitter delight made with Lyre’s Italian spritz and Lyre’s alcohol-free classic Prosecco. It came in a beautiful glass. The Empress was also available. It is a shaken combination of Clean Co. apple vodka and Seedlip garden. The cocktails were only $12, even though they had unique ingredients (no OK vodka or Gin here), which is reasonable for an Alphabet city dive bar.

Hekate joins a new wave of sober bars and bottle shops opening across the country to cater to straight and sober-curious clients. Greenpoint’s Getaway, an upscale bar serving mixed drinks with non-alcoholic ingredients and shrubs, is close to me. It has done great mixed drinks in a cozy, chic setting since 2019. I believe these drinks will be more common in the coming years.

Ehmann stated that Hekate’s concept is similar to any other cool bar: fun events, interesting people, and great music — but it’s booziness. A place that anyone can enjoy.”