A Quick Guide On JUUl Pods Before You Buy One

In recent times, terms like vape culture and vaping have become the butt of memes and jokes on social media. Once it has been launched around two years back, JUUL has become the hottest cigarette on the property and it has also gained a cult following among young adults. The best thing about JUUL vapes is that they are designed according to the needs of former smokers. Besides, these devices are well-equipped with some amazing features, which make the vaping experience a fun-filled one. For instance, vapers, who opt for JUUL, find it easy to use due to its highly accessible interface. Apart from that, the availability of an assortment of flavors makes the JUUL pods highly appealing among teenagers. It also offers the vapers the scope to vape almost anywhere, without lingering any offensive odors.

So, before you buy these pods, let’s have a quick guide of their details:

JUULs are battery-powered vaping devices, which heat the flavored liquid, known as the “e- liquid”, “vape juice”, or “e-juice”, which has nicotine. These devices are used like normal cigarettes and they are available in various sizes and shapes including USB sticks, pens, and flash drives along with some other regular items. The pods of these devices include different types of pre-filled pods, which are specifically designed to use with the JUUL device. They also come with closed loop temperature technology, which ensures that the right amount of power is offered to the pod every time. This thing ensures that the vapers enjoy a satisfying and consistently smooth vaping experience. For the optimum payoff of flavors, these devices also use nichrome coils and enhanced cotton wicks. As these pods are available pre-filled, there is no requirement of worrying about priming the coils, allowing them to sit, or waiting to use. These devices are readily usable from the pack. It means that the users can pop in the pod and it is ready to go.

E-liquids In JUUl Pods:

Like other e-cigarettes, the e-liquids in JUUL pods include nicotine, but the levels of nicotine are not the same always. The nicotine JUUL pods come with 0.7 ml e-liquids with a lower strength of 9mg (0.9%) and the total strength of 18mg (1.8%). Each pod comes with adequate liquid for having around 200 puffs, based on the draw length. The majority of the buy juul pods in UK use nicotine salts instead of free based nicotine, which offers a stronger nicotine hit that is similar to smoking cigarettes. These pods were updated in the year June 2019 to have a more reliable and consistent vape.

Ingredients Of The JUUL Pods:

People often wonder about the ingredients of the liquids inside the JUUL pods. According to the manufacturer, here is the list of main ingredients:

  1. Nicotine: It is a chemical compound as well as an addictive stimulant, which speeds up the heart rate and blood pressure.
  2. Propylene Glycol: It is a liquid additive, which helps to preserve flavor and moisture. The e-cigarette manufacturers include this component in the eJuice to produce vapor when the device is heated.
  3. Glycerine: This component produces the vapor. It works as a thickener, therefore it produces thicker clouds. But in most cases, it is blended with propylene glycol for achieving the right balance.
  4. Benzoic Acid: It is a food additive and is mostly used as a preservative.
  5. Flavors: This is the last component of the eJuice. And it comes with almost seven types of unique flavors.

What Are The Main Flavors Of JUUL?

JUUL vapes mainly come with seven unique flavors, namely golden tobacco, glacier mint, rich tobacco, menthol, mint, berry, and mango. JUUL cartridges are designed according to the different taste preferences of people and they are prepared with the best quality ingredients to bring out the different individual flavors. Each sold pack is available with four pods with similar flavors. Therefore, it often can be tricky to find out which flavor would be perfect according to your taste bud. This is why the starter kit is available with four different kinds of flavors, which you can try and select your favorite as per your preference.

Are JUULing And Smoking E-Cigarettes Different?

No, although JUULs look different from the e-Cigarettes, both of them almost operate similarly.

JUUL is a discrete version of e-Cigarettes that looks like a USB drive. On the other hand, e-Cigarettes look like phones.

JUUL devices, which are cartridge-based e-Cigarettes include nicotine salts, which don’t produce visible emissions or vapor when you use the device. This is one thing that makes the product more addictive.

In conclusion, it can be said that JUUL devices are designed specifically to appeal to smokers, who are eager to switch to vaping while moving away from the conventional smoke odors or tobacco and gravitate towards the ultimate experience of vaping.